facebook privacy settings on things shared by you

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I) What you share:
facebook privacy settings for things shared by you
You can update, if you post something about your images and also permission to people who wish to give to get their entries in facebook privacy settings comment.

Below can by the facebook privacy settings to friends all over the world, or controlled by you or with friends of friends or even displayed.

   1) Communication I
   2) Family
   3) Relations
   4) Do you
   5) Bio-and favorite quotes
   6) Website
   7) religious and political beliefs
   8) Date of birth
   9) The pages are written
   10) Included in the people I here now, "after my arrival

Facebook privacy settings for things they share
Then you get to privacy settings in facebook photo album and video for change available. There are even facebook privacy settings, all defaults.

II) What others share:
facebook privacy settings shared by other friends and users
 You can customize what you updated other share (friends)! Then set the facebook privacy settings to friends around the world or its own or with friends of friends or yourself
To share facebook privacy settings other

1) Pictures and videos will be marked on
2) Leave comments on posts by you
    Status updates, wall posts and Friends photos
3) Send pictures of my friends
    If photos are like me, he suggested my name to your friends
4) You can see the wall posts from friends
5) check in places that can see Enable or disable.

III) Contact information privacy:
facebook privacy settings to protect your contact information
Here you can make your facebook privacy settings for views that may be your contact to update Instant Messaging name, email and their identification as a value to friends or friends of friends or certain people or themselves

IV) Recommendations to the privacy settings on Facebook:
recommended facebook privacy settings for all
1) Your state, photos and news, biography, favorite quote, family situation and relationships are established for each.

2) The images and videos you are, political and religious views, birthdays, friends of friends.

3) Leave comments on your posts, review site coordinates are set to friends.

But in custom facebook privacy settings places you check in are set to others.



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